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Let's rise & thrive!

Get ready to thrive by joining a vibrant community of young women of color mastering life skills tailored to their unique experiences and ambitions.

Rise with Levanto

Level up with the success skills they didn't teach in school

From budgeting to boundary-setting, Levanto Collective is designed for you to gain vital skills, build community, and develop the mindsets to thrive - all in one place.

Our Mission

Levanto in Spanish means to lift or rise.

We are a community where women of color feel safe, seen, supported, less stressed, and better prepared to joyfully live their best lives.
Join Levanto Collective to uplift each other and rise together.


Online Community &
In-Person Events in NYC

Our online platform provides curated resources from diverse experts, so you can take charge of your financial, professional, and self-care goals.

We also throw epic events in NYC - think Budget Brunch and Investment Crash Course happy hours. Level up your skills while making dope friends IRL.

No matter where you're coming from, we'll help you get to where you want to be.

The view is amazing from the top!

Membership Options

Unlimited access to our digital community

Rise member

  • Curated skillshops, courses, and resources from diverse experts and thought leaders.

  • An intimate online chat to connect with other like-minded members.

  • Free "Cima" Session: a 30 minute strategy call with our founder to curate your journey to the top!

$29 / month

Our ultimate growth experience

Ascend member

  • Everything in Rise Membership

  • 50% off in-person events, like our quarterly Budgeting Brunch and "Mindful Hour " self-care experiences

  • Monthly "Cima" Session: 30 minute strategy call with our founder to support your journey to the top!

$39 / month

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Meet our founder

Hi, I'm Glenelys!

Growing up, my role was clear – as the eldest daughter of immigrants and a first-generation college graduate, I quickly became the go-to guide helping family and friends navigate adulthood. Despite having a master's degree, I graduated with more student debt than truly relevant skills to succeed in the real world, or that apply to my lived experience.That's why I created the Levanto Collective - a warm, inclusive space where we can finally get those real-world skills we need to not just survive, but thrive. I am building this community with you to ensure every member gains both the capabilities and lasting relationships to rise and thrive!

Time to Rise & Thrive!

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Please be advised, information shared in our community around financial wellness, mental health, or sexual health topics is for general education only - not personalized medical, financial, or therapeutic advice. For proper evaluations and individualized recommendations regarding investments, medication, therapies, or other major health decisions, always consult a licensed professional - a physician, therapist, advisor, etc. Our collective life wisdom has value but does not substitute for advice from the appropriate expert.